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What are the benefits of Optimize Employment?

Current Awareness

Detailed updates enable you to quickly identify what’s important to you, your organization and your clients.

Customized Notifications

Tailor Optimize Employment to suit your needs. You decide what jurisdiction(s) to follow and when to receive updates.

Ongoing Reference

Access all of the updates in an easy-to-use database. Information on changes to the law will be at your fingertips.

Powerful Search

Search or browse by industry, jurisdiction, topic or date. Quickly zero in on the information you need.

What is included with each Subscription?

Our automated tracking systems continually monitor legislation and regulatory policy across Canada.

View the comprehensive list of what we are monitoring every day.

Group subscriptions start at $250/month. Are you a solo practitioner or in-house counsel? Ask us about individual subscriptions.

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When you subscribe to Optimize Employment, you can choose to receive our comprehensive reports Daily or Weekly.
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Who is behind our Subscription Service?

Lesha Van Der Bij is CEO and Founder of Optimize Legal, a legal information company. Optimize Legal uses a combination of automation and legal know-how to provide law firms and businesses with timely legal updates that have been tailored to their specific area of interest. A big believer in the value of well-curated legal information, Lesha has been developing databases and systems to simplify the process of tracking changes to the law.

Before starting Optimize Legal, Lesha worked for several years at a national law firm, practising law and later leading knowledge management and process improvement initiatives.


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